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Can you stay in top shape while reducing the amount of stress on your joints?  
Yes you can ~ By utilizing the resistance and buoyancy of water! 
You will experience the ultimate workout that is an ideal supplement for land based training or a replacement routine when you are injured. Aquatic exercise is an excellent means of achieving weight loss and improving stamina in an environment that is accommodating to a wide range of individuals. 
Aqua aerobics is no longer a pool full of grandmas bobbing around in flowered bathing caps and skirted swimsuits. In an aqua-fitness class you'll find a pool full of fitness enthusiasts and former athletes looking for a challenging workout that's easy on the joints. So put your swimsuit back on and take your workout into the pool!
Please be sure to fill out a Health Survey and Release Form before attending your first class. Follow the links to check out our current class schedule and pricing structure.

Aqua-Fitness Classes
Location/ Schedule
Aqua Fitness Classes:
Mondays @ 6:15 pm
Tues & Fri @ 9:15 am 

Self Guided Swim Times:
Mon - Sat @ 8 am
Tues & Thurs @ 6 pm 
Please Contact to
 coordinate/ schedule
821 E Valley Rd
Maple City 

Get Your Current Class Schedule

  • Drop-In: You may pay as you go for $15.00 / class.
  • Two Month Class Credits: You may purchase class credits in advance @ $12.00 / class. Class credits are good for 60 days from the day of purchase.
  • One Month Class Credits: You may purchase class credits for the current month @ $10.00 / class. Class credits are good for 30 days from the day of purchase. 
  • Montly Memberships Rates are also available! 
  • If class is canceled, a credit will be applied to the next month or the expiration time will be extended.  
If you have questions or comments, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me!
Cell # 703-472-3222
Come join us!! Camille

Aqua Fitness Class Pricing
Contact Info

Of Northern Michigan
Want to catch a class but not sure what is being offered and where, click here for a Schedule ...
Open Swim Pricing

  • Drop-In Swim Credits: You may pay as you go for $12 / time.
  • 2 -4 Prepaid Swim Credits: $10 each. Good for the Current Month.
  • 5 + Prepaid Swim Credits:  $8.00 each. Good for the Current Month.  
  • Credits are not interchangeable and are to be used by the individual they were assigned to at the time of purchase.
  • Credits will not be carried over from one month to another, so be mindful when purchasing. 

Please contact me to coordinate open swim time, pool use and availability.  
Cell # 703-472-3222
Come Enjoy Yourself!! Camille